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Paris of the Pacific - Back in the days when Sitka was called New Archangel by the Russians, it was the vibrant capital of Russian America prompting the affectionate title "Paris of the Pacific". Artwork created by Rachel and Ken Fate.


We’re delighted to team with legendary ceramics company Deneen Pottery to create our exclusive Fate Accompli mugs adorned with our unique Alaskan artwork.


Each mug is individually hand-thrown and glazed, touched by over 24 skilled craftspeople, so there will be slight, natural variations with each mug and no two are exactly alike. These mugs are quality artwork in themselves and perfectly showcase our dynamic designs. Spoil yourself with the pleasing heft while sipping from its smooth, thick rim. These are the only mugs we sell. These are the only mugs we use at home. They are simply the best.


• Abby Style 12-oz capacity / Camper Style 14-oz capacity

• Microwave safe

• Dishwasher safe

• Freezer and oven safe too!

• Made in the United States by Deneen Pottery

Paris of the Pacific Mug

  • 1-3 Mugs ship for $20 in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. For larger orders please contact us for a shipping quote.

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